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How did Jesus fulfill the Law?

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

How was the law abolished?

I have read many answers on this subject on this post all satisfactory answers but I’d like to go deep, I will attempt to answer this question with bullet point but understand in depth answer would be lengthy.

· The law was given in order to make known transgressions, to compel men to acknowledge their guilt. Roman 3:20

· The Law was put in place till the promise seed arrived Galatians 3:19

· The promised seed is Jesus promised to Adam in the Garden after the Fall Genesis 3:15

· This seed is the Second and Last Adam 1 Corinthians 15:45,47

· God preserved the unfallen nature of Adam in the seed of the woman this is why Jesus is called the Second and Last Adam the only other True human. Genesis 3:15

· All born of Adam are fallen humans and bear the image of Adam therefore sinners. Genesis 5:3 Romans 5:12

· This is the reason for the Virgin Birth to bypass Adam’s corrupted seed. Isaiah 7:14

· The Law of Atonement required the Lambs to be without blemish. Numbers 29:8

· Law of an eye for an eye for justice to be served demanded a reciprocal payment. Exodus 21:24

So, Jesus the Second and Last Adam was the fulfillment of this Law. He was the Lamb without blemish able to abolish the Law making payment by His death on the Cross. But you say wouldn’t the sacrifice only apply for Adam since its an eye for an eye. Yes, I would but the was no ordinary man this was God in the flesh, so HIS SACRIFICE was sufficient for all.

There is so much more to this, I can go on and give you more implication more golden apples, but this is enough for now. I have started a post in Soteriology labeled The Cross where I will be continuing this line of think as well. I have a blog and in there is an article written by me titled The Forgotten Atonement with a different insight. My profile has the web address look under “more” on home page.

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