About Me

I have studied the scriptures for over 40 years. I have written a book or a manual with over 100 citation to support my theology. I have tackled many controversial topics that I believe will fall under most of the basic tenets, as these tenets are expounded upon, I am sure we will discuss them. My wife and I have not attended a church for over 6 years. Personally, it has helped us be free for the bondage of which that paradigm holds (see State of Church). I was raised a Catholic, became a child of God as a Baptist and attended and served in Evangelical churches.  I was elected an Elder in two different churches, helped start one of them from the ground up and meet for 13 years.  I have been a Sunday school teacher and have taught children of all ages. I have also taught a World-Wide Bible Institute (WWBI) curriculum for over two years. I’ve been happily married for over 41 years. 

The Lord Jesus has put in me a great desire to study His Word. I prefer the KJV but use all versions. People that have influenced me are Arthur Custance, John Calvin and Martin Luther. This Blog is just the beginning to a great vision, a different way to be the church (ecclesia the called out one). The writings which I use for reference to support my theology I will make available by other means.  I want to keep things short and to the point but realize sometime that will not be possible. So, Lord Jesus bless this endeavor and those who participate in it.

Miguel X Chavarria


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